1. O-RAN 架構由哪些組件組成?
    (What components makes up the O-RAN architecture?)
    Ans: SMO、Non-RT RIC、Near-RT RIC、O-CU-CP、O-CU-UP、O-DU、O-RU、eNB、O-cloud

  2. OAM 功能的管理服務是什麼?
    (What are the Management Services of OAM function?)
    Ans: FCAPS Management

  3. OAM 功能有哪些特點?
    (What are the Management features of OAM function?)

    • 追蹤並快速識別發出警報通知的組件所在以及警報的內容
      (Trace and quickly identify problems)
    • 監控狀態(Monitoring Status)
    • 自我修復(Self-healing)
  4. OAM function 連接哪些介面?
    (Which interfaces are connected to the OAM function? )

    • O-Cloud: Via O2-IMS interface and O2-DMS interface
    • O-RU: Via Open FH M-Plane interface.
    • Other (Managed Elements;MEs): Via O1interface.
  5. 您認為 OAM 的哪些 feature/function 更重要? 原因又是什麼呢?
    (Do you think which feature/function of OAM is more important? And what is the reason?)
    Ans: Alarm notifications,因為它可以幫助服務供應商快速識別 O-RAN NF 發生了什麼問題。

  6. 搜尋開源平台(O-RAN SC 或 ONAP)是否可用於支援 OAM 功能?
    (Survey the open-source platform (O-RAN SC or ONAP) is available for OAM function?)
    是的,MANO(ONAP)、NMS(上述的管理與編排系統在 O-RAN 中稱為 SMO)支持 OAM

OAM 與 SMO的交互workflow 示意圖
ONAP Integration into SMO

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